What is Moringa?

The Morninga Oleifera tree is one of the most versatile on the planet and known in many cultures around the world as the “miracle tree”. Moringa leaves have long been known to indigenous peoples for their nutritional and medicinal benefits, but only recently has this untapped superfood been harnessed into dried leaves and leaf powder to be used in nutritional supplements.

The moringa plant is used as an African folk medicine for the treatment of ascites, rheumatism, venomous bites and pneumonia. In places such as the Phillipines, it is used for circulatory disorders, metabolic and endocrine disorders, and general nutritional deficiencies. Studies show that Moringa has some usage for the prevention of diabetes and glucose disturbances, wound healing, and even as an aphrodisiac!

The diets of people in developing nations sometimes lack vitamins, minerals and protein. In these countries, Moringa oleifera can be an important source of many essential nutrients.Moringa leaves are exceptionally nutritious. When fresh, they are rich in vitamin C. When carefully dried, gram for gram Moringa leaves contain 24 times the iron of spinach, 16 times the calcium of milk, 9 times the vitamin A of carrots, many times the potassium of bananas, and every essential amino acid your body needs.

Most parts of this plant are said to hold some medicinal properties, including the seeds, fruit pods, and flowers, although the leaves are thought to be the main medicinal component. The leaves are also known to have the highest antioxidant potential of all plants.

Where Does Your Moringa Come From?

The Source

Our moringa is currently sourced in Africa, particularly Mozambique and Zambia. We are open to import it from any other developing counties where sufficient supply can be organized.

The women work 10 to 12 hours a day planting, weeding, harvesting, drying and transporting their crop to be sold at a processing locations where the moringa is converted to powder

The Farms

Moringa oleifera is cultivated in rural areas (small villages). Typically, several families group together and create a local processing plant. The family grouping may range in size from a few dozen to as many as a thousand.

In most African countries, the moringa is cultivated on small subsistence farms ranging in size from 1 to 20 hectares. It is cultivated mostly by women needing income to educate their children. These women see education as the best window of opportunity for advancement from rural life.

The Plants

The moringa plants are raised from seeds planted at nurseries in small pots. They are nurtured in a safe environment until they are one year old. At the beginning of the rainy seasons, they are planted in fields.

In early stages the biggest threats to the plants are grazing goats and other farm animals. The peasant farmers hardly have enough income to afford sophisticated fencing, so the protection of the plants depends on strict vigilance. The growing plants are watched during all day-light hours.

The Product

Most moringa powder is distributed to local schools, hospitals and AIDS institutions where it is used as a major food supplement. In Zambia and Mozambique these feeding programs are reporting surprising developments as a result of exploiting the benefits of Moringa.

For instance, previously malnourished children have bounced back to better heal, and children with illnesses like tape worm have experienced relief of symptoms. In order to maintain the integrity of these programs, we will only import moringa from locations where the villagers are growing a surplus.

The Mission

It seems at the moment that some subsistence farmers are not motivated to grow more moringa, because they lack access to this expanding market. That is where we would like to make a contribution. By importing moringa from rural areas in Africa, not only will the cultivation increase, we expect household income to grow as well as more villagers tap into this market.

Tell Us About Your Tea

Our moringa-based herbal teas are meticulously blended in order to maximize flavour, aroma and nutritional benefit.

At Maisha Tea, we exclusively use authentic, raw ingredients to make every cup exquisite. You can even try adding the contents of a bag or two to your next batch of muffins to extract every last drop of nutritional deliciousness.

The moringa used in our Maisha Tea blends is imported from Africa through an import structure that is as equitably beneficial to farmers as fair trade, but is more simplified. All other ingredients are sourced as locally as possible.

When our business grows, the Maisha Tea family grows horizontally, not vertically. This means that Maisha Tea will expand in such a way that focuses on benefitting a larger number of people rather than having the same number of people receive larger and larger benefits.

Our Blends

From pure, unadulterated moringa to aromatic chai masala. Try one of our delectable moringa leaf blends today!


Moringa Leaf Tea

Pure - Moringa Leaf Tea

Shade dried, crushed moringa oleifera leaves; pure and unadulterated. Pure Moringa Leaf Tea has a robust, earthy and biscuity flavour. Try this variety with a touch of honey, then relax with a steamy cup of this highly nutritious herbal tea.


Lemon Ginger

Moringa Leaf Tea

Lemon Ginger - Moringa Leaf Tea

The pale colour and delicate aroma of Maisha Tea's Lemon Ginger blend only hint at the bright, sharp flavour of this soothing variety. Lemon Ginger Moringa Leaf tea is an excellent choice for those cold, sniffle-y winter days.



Moringa Leaf Tea

Mint - Moringa Leaf Tea

The invigorating taste of pure moringa leaves with the refreshing, brisk and herbaceous burst of natural mint flavour. Mint Moringa Leaf Tea is a must have for your herbal tea collection.



Moringa Leaf Tea

Chai - Moringa Leaf Tea

The Maisha take on chai tea consists of pure, earthy moringa oleifera leaves carefully blended with traditional, aromatic chai masala spices. Cozy up to a comforting cup of our Chai Moringa Leaf Tea.


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